The creation of the Barking and Dagenham scroll uncovered many rich stories, old and new; from the past lives of fishing families, revealed in the carvings and stain glass windows at St. Margaret's Church, to our modern-day river community who are bringing new life to the water through projects that explore the environment and how we interact with it.

There are exciting developments ahead; plans for 10,800 new homes in Barking Riverside will open up the borough to the Thames once more, and the creativity that resides locally is at the heart of the vision for growth.

Our scroll has been co-created by local people, true to the ethos of Creative Barking and Dagenham (CBD). CBD's Cultural Connectors - local residents and ambassadors for the arts - have led on the discovery of the rich local heritage, uncovering the borough's past, and embracing current cultural activity that is working to create positive change for its future.

The CBD Cultural Connectors selected a local artist and artist facilitator with deep-rooted connections with local communities to lead on Silk River. This has led to a project that has gone beyond the creation of the scrolls; it has created new relationships between local residents and organisations, inviting people to explore the area in which they live in new ways.


Thank you to the following people & organisations who helped create this scroll:

Creative Barking and Dagenham
Sophie Merriman and Team working with:
  • Studio 3 Arts
  • Friends of Greatfields Park
  • St Margarets Church
  • Rivergate Centre
  • Barking Riverside Limited
  • Nigel Sagar, London Borough Barking and Dagenham
  • Barking Enterprise Centres
  • Sue Bramley Centre
Barking and Dagenham Schools:
  • Marsh Green Primary School
  • George Carey Primary School
Barking and Dagenham Artists:
  • Susanna Wallis
  • Saira Awan
  • Kerry Griffith
  • Johnny Paterson
  • Susannah
  • Jim Albert
  • Sophie Merriman
  • Wumi Oyewole
  • Jimmy Lee
  • Khushnood Ahmed
  • Shanzay Ahmed
  • Aariz Ahmed
  • Stuart Hitchcock
  • Lexie Hitchcock
With support from the Kinetika Team

Thursday May 11th Workshop images

Alison Cormack and Khushnood Ahmed

Khushnood a Cultural Connector and artist based in Barking and Dagenham

Alison, A Cultural Connector for Barking and Dagenham