Northfleet and Gravesend - Our banner reflects the rich cultural heritage of the area blending together the diversity of Gravesham with its people, places and traditions. The walk from industrial Northfleet through to the picturesque views from Windmill Hill identifies the history of Gravesend and its ability to shape and shift with each passing incarnation.

Industry - "Paper making factories, like Bowater's, employed hundreds of people from different backgrounds in Gravesend and Northfleet. It brought wealth to the area and the local chalk was part of the production process. My Dad worked there from 16 to retirement".

The Boats and Promenade - "The fishing boats came in at Bawley Bay to unload their fish and the buyers would come and buy fresh shrimps. When I was a boy, everybody you knew was tied in some way to the Thames". "The Thames sailing barges no longer work on the river but each July they gather at dawn and race from Gravesend Reach and return to cannon fire from St. Andrews Mission House". "Everyone would be down at the promenade. On Sundays, there was music on the bandstand, we would put our best clothes on and walk along the riverfront with our parents."

Gurdwara/Sikh Community - The Gurdwara is testament to Gravesend's thriving Sikh community who first began settling in the riverside town at the turn of the 20th Century. Its 5 elaborate domes and design are inspired by the Golden Temple at Amritsa. Jit Singh arrived in Gravesend in 1955 to work at the Oxide Foundary in Dartford. His happiest memory of Gravesend is the trams as they reminded him of Mumbai and Calcutta.


Thank you to the following people & organisations who helped create this scroll:

Gravesham Borough Council
Anita Tysoe and Team working with:
  • Port of London Authority
  • Woodville Theatre
  • Gravesham Art Salon
  • The Gr@nd
  • LV21 - Arts Boat
  • Guru Nanak Darbar Gudwara
  • Kent Equality Cohesion Council
  • St Andrews Arts Centre
  • Rethink Mental Illness (Kent Sahayak Services)
  • Gravesham Arts
  • No Walls Garden
  • Ebbsfleet United Football Club
  • St Botolphs Church
  • The Rock Choir
Gravesend Schools:
  • St Botolph's Church of England Primary School
  • Chantry Community Academy
Gravesend Artists:
  • Kirsty Gaunt
  • Catherine Mayors
  • Liz Howe
  • Sonnia Margarita
  • Pam Childs
  • Bouchira Photay
  • Wafa Obeid
  • Paivi Seppala
  • Carol Gosal
  • Sukhbir Bassan
  • Parmjit Rossan
  • Kidir Sand
  • JM
  • Chris Mack
  • Amerdeep Hunjan
  • Elizabeth Straupmanis
  • Emil Straupmanis
With support from the Kinetika Team

16th May Recce walk

Gurvinder Sandher from 'Cohesion Plus'

John Potter, Waterman talking about the River and the Tilbury Ferry

Gurvinder Sandher from 'Cohesion Plus'

Clive Gilbert ex planning officer Gravesend and North Fleet

Tarsem Singh Mahil, General Sec of the Guru Nakak Dardar Gurwara, Gravesend

Chris Livett, 5th generation Waterman and Lighterman