Purfleet has seen regeneration from industry and agriculture to an expansion of the creative industries at the High House Production Park. The Royal Opera House Costume and Production workshops are now housed here along with Artists at the Acme Studios and CC Skills at The Backstage Centre. There is a bold vision to transform the Thames Estuary into the UK hub for the Creative and Cultural Industries and we have drawn our inspiration from being active members of the community based here.

Belmont Primary School was inspired to learn about their Indian partner Jorasanko, through the poetry of Tagore using this to create their own visual images and poems to share with the visitors on the Silk River walk.

Purfleet is the home of RSPB Rainham where Purfleet Primary School and the Purfleet Brownies have been studying the migrating birds using this as a metaphor for mapping the coming and going of peoples to this part of Thurrock.

Kinetika's home is now at the Acme Studios on site where we delighted in the making of all the 10 UK scrolls with over 130 artists engaging in conversation and scroll painting together.

The history of this old farmland is kept safe by the High House Community Group with our local historian, Mike Ostler, always on hand, to tell the stories of Dracula, Gunpowder, the Dove Cote and the goings on at High House over the centuries.


Thank you to the following people & organisations who helped create this scroll:

Thurrock Council and Kinetika
Ali Pretty and Team working with:
  • Mike Ostler
  • Acme Artists' Studios
  • Royal Opera House Construction Workshop
  • Royal Opera House Costume Archive
  • Royal Opera House Trailblazers
  • South Essex College
  • RSPB Rainham Marshes
  • The Back Stage Centre
  • St Stephens Community Trust
  • High House Community Group
  • Purfleet Community Hub
  • Heritage and Military Centre
Purfleet Schools:
  • Belmont Castle Primary Academy
  • Purfleet Primary Academy
Purfleet Artists:
  • Lisa Meehan
  • Doreen Scarlett
  • Gary Scarlett
  • Jamie Scarlett
  • 1 Scarlett child
  • Uzezi Odjohu
  • 7 Brownies
  • Christine Rowles
Purfleet Artists from Royal Opera House Bridge:
  • Sophie
  • Molly Boughtwood
  • Victoria Gooding
  • Rachel Nash
  • Kirsty
  • Susanna Wildon
With support from the Kinetika Team

Feb 6th Purfleet (High House and Brownies)

Amanda Bray, Teacher Belmont Castle Academy, Purfleet

Rachel Young Course Leader Costume Construction, Purfleet

Amanda Bray, Teacher Belmont Castle Academy, Purfleet.

Gabrielle Foster Still, Head of Learning and Participation in Thurrock