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Chandernagore & Barking/Dagenham


Local Schools taking part: Banga Vidyalaya, Krishna Bhabani, Nari Siksha Mandir, Ganges Gurukul

The name of this town is possibly derived from the shape of the bank of the river Ganga which is bent like a half moon (chand in bengali). Another reason behind the name could be due the temple of Goddess ‘Chandi’ nearby.

The highlight of this town is the beautiful Strand, along the banks of the river. Walking along the Strand, one can spot Patal Bari, a house which the famous poet Rabindranath Tagore frequented, the Bhasha Shahid Minar and the Chandernagore Museum and Institute,which boasts a beautiful collection of French antiques. Just off the Strand is the Sacred Heart Church, with beautiful stained glass interiors.

Although a French Colony for over 250 years, the heritage of Chandannagar is not restricted to French architecture only. The town also houses several temples, including the Nandadulal Temple.

Chandernagore was home to several leading leaders like the revolutionary Kanailal Dutta, after whom the first schools in the town are now named, and it was also the secret residence for Sri Aurobindo when he was in hiding.

Jagaddhatri Puja is the largest festival celebrated all over the town,where the hugely talented lighting artists showcase their work.


Partner: Creative Barking and Dagenham

Dagenham is famous for the relocation of the Ford Motor factory in 1931 creating 40,000 jobs locally and becoming an industrial hub on the river. In 1866 Barking became the site for what grew into the UK’s large jute mill. The mill couldn’t compete with the cheaper labour that was found in West Bengal and shut in 1886.

Creative Barking and Dagenham (CBD) is a project for people living, working and socialising in Barking and Dagenham. CBD enable local people to create, commission and curate outstanding arts and creative activities in their areas, and to promote the borough as a place where exciting art – of all forms – is made and shown.

All decisions and development of the CBD programme is created with the support of the Cultural Connectors network. Kinetika presented and inspired the panel of Cultural Connectors and it was agreed to support the project through the CBD Partnership Fund. The ambitious panel are bringing together organisations in the borough, building upon existing and new relationships with groups to develop new ideas along the river. CBD are excited to be working towards a celebration and festival event for the September walk.