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Day 8 – 22nd Sept Tilbury

Fri 22nd Sept – “By Thames to all people of the world” – Tilbury.

Walk Route


Walk Description

Gateway to the world, Tilbury is still a very busy port and we will hear stories of how it used to be before the age of shipping containers, when tea arrived from India in chests, cargo was unloaded in wheelbarrows and rum came in barrels.

Dashing young dockers would catch the ferry over to Gravesend to meet their future wives at local dances. More recently, Tilbury is famous for the arrival of Windrush, and today is a growing Cruise Terminal welcoming international visitors to see the revolutionary Tudor Fort, the design that was replicated at Fort William in Calcutta. The walk continues along the river to Coalhouse Fort, a significant wartime defence for the Thames and reputed to be the most haunted place in Thurrock.

Technical difficulty of walk:  Moderate

Distance: 5.24 miles



09.30 Meet at the Garden/open space North of Tilbury Town C2C Station RM18 7BJ, leading on to a schools performance at the Civic Centre.

12.30 – 13.30 London International Cruise Terminal.

14.00 – 14.15 Tilbury Fort: scrolls depart for Coalhouse Fort.

16.15 Scrolls depart from Coalhouse Fort
The ten community walks are part of a series of longer ‘link’ walks that will see the flags carried from Kew to Southend using only boots or boats. These longer walks range from six miles to 23 miles. They have been planned with the London branch of the Long Distance Walkers Association, a Silk River partner, and are designed for experienced walkers only. For more information visit


Whilst we endeavour to make all our walks as safe and enjoyable as possible, any walk attended is done so at your own risk.

 You need to choose walks within your capabilities; the walk leaders are experienced but must take your word that you are sufficiently fit for the grade of walk you have chosen.

Walk leaders will be at the start of the walk regardless of the weather. In the unlikely event of any unforeseen circumstances, Kinetika reserve the right to change or cancel a walk and/or performance. Please check the Silk River website regularly for any updates or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Please ensure that you are properly equipped for all walks. The weather can be unpredictable so bring waterproof clothing and/or sun hats and sun cream – it’s best to be prepared for everything!

Walking boots/shoes are recommended, but otherwise please wear suitable and comfortable footwear- best to leave open-toe sandals or high heels at home. Make sure you bring a packed lunch, if necessary, and plenty to drink.

Due care has been exercised in organising the walks, however Kinetika, the funders and associated partners of the project cannot accept liability for loss, accident or injury caused to any person following the routes.

We will be taking photographs and video of this event to promote and celebrate the project in print and online. If you do not give consent to be photographed or filmed please let a member of the Kinetika team know on the day.

These images are from the Silk River research and design trips to the area. Photos are by Mike Johnston.