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These are the blog posts by Kevin Rushby that relate to the Silk River India Walk.

Silk River flags in front of Victoria Memorial Kolkata
December 16, 2017 / India Blog, Silk River

Silk River – Final Day – Final Thoughts

After four weeks of travel and years of planning, the Silk River has reached the end of its journey with the closing ceremony today at Kolkata’s Victoria Memorial.
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December 15, 2017 / India Blog, Silk River

India Day 10 – Topsy Turvy

There is something going on with the geography of Calcutta that I don’t understand. It ought to be simple.
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December 15, 2017 / India Blog, Silk River

India Day 9 – Knots

Ask any British person where in the world they would like to go, at least once in their life, and I’ll bet that a visit to India would be at the top of the list. And if there was one experience that such potential visitors would specify, it would be a journey on Indian railways.
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Hooghly at Jorosanko by Mike Johnston
December 13, 2017 / India Blog, Silk River

India Day 8 – Trades

It’s our last day on the river today. We leave at seven in a fast-running tide that’s carrying rafts of water hyacinth along, some of them inhabited by pond herons.
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December 12, 2017 / India Blog, Silk River

India Day 7 – Doors

After breakfast we take a bus through Barrackpore and get down near the river a few kilometres upstream from where we are staying. Then we walk down a small lane with walls on both sides.
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December 11, 2017 / India Blog, Silk River

India Day 6 – Precision

Dawn eases the world into view from the boat. We are anchored off Chandannagar where today there will be a parade. It’s the best yet. We walk down The Strand with drummers and a team of acrobats on stilts wearing peacock feather headdresses.
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December 10, 2017 / India Blog, Silk River

India Day 5 – Lost and Found

During the night, when we are chugging downriver from Krishnanagar, there is torrential rain. Visibility at dawn is not much better. It’s what the Scots call dreich: thicker than mist, but not quite rain. In the wheelhouse, our pilot Nimai, is working hard to steer around the sandbanks, many of them invisible to ordinary mortals. But he sees them.
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December 9, 2017 / India Blog, Silk River

India Day 4 – Specialities

I like a town with a speciality. Nuremberg is wooden toys, York is chocolate, Buenas Aires is tango and London is second-rate politicians – no, hang on, every capital city seems to specialise in those.
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December 8, 2017 / India Blog, Silk River

India Day 3 – Improvisation

Just before dawn we are on the riverbank about to be ferried out to our boat which floats offshore in the pearly mist. The sky and the river are same shade of grey. For once the world is hushed and almost silent.
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December 7, 2017 / India Blog, Silk River

India Day 2 – Serendipity

One wonderful thing that happens when you travel through a landscape with something of a purpose is the chance encounters, the unexpected conversations that suddenly open up unseen worlds. Like with Darshan last night in Azimganj when he let slip about the elephant.
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December 6, 2017 / India Blog, Silk River

India Day 1 – An Omen

When I tell people in England that I’m going to India, they always seem to say something like: ‘You must love it.’ And after a pause: ‘When were you last there?’  Their implication, I reckon, is that India is changing fast and the India I knew may no longer be around.
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