Silk River

Day 5 – 10th Dec Boat to Chandannagar

Day 5 – Krishnanagar to Chandannagar

Boat to Chandannagar with an artist’s exchange session along the way focusing on the link with Barking and Dagenham and artist-led regeneration

This day’s theme is Europe’s colonies along the Hooghly:  Serampore (Danish), Chandannagar (French), Chinsurah (Dutch) and Bandel (Portuguese)

Almost a century after Vasco da Gama landed on the West Cost of India (1498), the Europeans started making inroads in Bengal. Using Hooghly (also known as Ganga or Ganges) as the main source of navigation, they started making inroads in Bengal.

On the way we see Chinsurah/ Bandel Church / Imambara / Jubilee Bridge.

10th Dec 2017 – Schedule

  • Journey to Chandannagar passing Bandel, Hooghly Imambara, Chinsurah, Jubilee Bridge
  • Presentation on the schools’ participation in Silk River in India & the UK
  • Greeted by local community members on reaching Chandannagar
  • 5pm : Get-together at IMA Hall, followed by ‘Mrityunjoy’, a play based on Revolutionary leaders from this region, written by Sulogna Chakraborty
  • Light display on the Strand by Babu Pal and local Lighting Artists.
  • Overnight on the boat


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More about Chandernagore

Local Schools taking part: Banga Vidyalaya, Krishna Bhabani, Nari Siksha Mandir, Ganges Gurukul

The name of this town is possibly derived from the shape of the bank of the river Ganga which is bent like a half moon (chand in bengali). Another reason behind the name could be due the temple of Goddess ‘Chandi’ nearby.

The highlight of this town is the beautiful Strand, along the banks of the river. Walking along the Strand, one can spot Patal Bari, a house which the famous poet Rabindranath Tagore frequented, the Bhasha Shahid Minar and the Chandernagore Museum and Institute,which boasts a beautiful collection of French antiques. Just off the Strand is the Sacred Heart Church, with beautiful stained glass interiors.

Although a French Colony for over 250 years, the heritage of Chandannagar is not restricted to French architecture only. The town also houses several temples, including the Nandadulal Temple.

Chandernagore was home to several leading leaders like the revolutionary Kanailal Dutta, after whom the first schools in the town are now named, and it was also the secret residence for Sri Aurobindo when he was in hiding.

Jagaddhatri Puja is the largest festival celebrated all over the town,where the hugely talented lighting artists showcase their work.


Images of Chandernagore