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Murshidabad Silk to Buy

Murshidabad Silk to Buy

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Murshidabad Silk

Hand woven, heritage quality, undyed silk cloth from India.

Now available to buy in the UK from Kinetika!

Please email for info.

When they found this exquisite silk, the experienced silk painters at Kinetika fell in love with its rich texture and ability to hold colour.

Realising that the skill to make it was dying out, they have begun to sell it in the UK with the hope that it will keep the tradition alive.

Quality control is monitored locally by the Crafts Council of West Bengal, which ensures that weavers are appropriately paid and can respond to meet the demand of a global world.

In the UK, proceeds of sales support Kinetika’s charitable work.

With its ability to hold bright colours, soft but durable texture, and limited availability, Murshidabad silk will really make any collection stand out from the crowd!

With this discovery, after 20 years hand painting on Chinese habotai silk, Kinetika has now switched to using hand woven Murshidabad silk for the majority of its projects.

Read more about the history and how Kinetika came to discover this unique silk on this page:

Tech Spec:

  • Colour: Light creamy white.
  • Type: Mulberry silk
  • Weight: 10mm-12mm
  • Width: 120cm
  • Piece length: 12 metres
  • Shrinkage: Expect 3-8%
  • Prepped for dye: The silk has no starches, sizing or finishes on it and has been degummed at source. It should be prepped for dying like you would any other silk.
  • Suitable for digital print? No, it is not coated for digital printing and is better suited for dying.
  • Please note, there may be slight variations in width, texture and colour between pieces due to the hand-made nature of the fabric. These are not considered defects of the fabric.


  • The silk yarn used to make this cloth is from Maldah, West Bengal.
  • The cultivation of mulberry silk and its weaving is carried out in the plains of West Bengal.
  • This cloth is hand woven by 14 families from Dangapara, Murshidabad, West Bengal.


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