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Ei Samay

Ei Samay

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Jalangi meets Thames in a cultural exchange.

The Silk River news keeps coming as the walk progresses from Azimganj to Kolkata.  This article appeared in the newspaper Ei Samay on 10th December, read it online HERE.

Jalangi is the name given to the local river.  The article describes the Silk River project, of artistic cultural exchange between the twenty communities across two countries, and talks about the journey this far in India, and how the foreign artists and visitors are also visiting artisan communities along the river.

There are some quotes from Ali and Ruchira at the end.

The caption for the photo reads, “Cultural exchange visitors listen to the legend of ‘Gopal Bhar’ and are impressed by the art of Daaker Shaaj.”

Thanks to Isha Daga for the translation.

Ei Samay article

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