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Design Workshops are Complete!

Design Workshops are Complete!

On May 24, 2017, Posted by , With No Comments

We’ve continued to uncover the links between UK and India by visiting Dartford, Gravesend, Tilbury, East Tilbury and Southend!

A great week covering very interesting ground – literally – walking with inspiring locals who shared their stories with community and schools.  Thanks to all who took part!

This was the second week of design workshops, where participants started the process of getting their ideas together for their local flag.

Over the week, the Kinetika team walked with 150 participants , and helped them to collect stories and draw images unique to their area.

Six schools were walking over three areas of Tilbury, East Tilbury and Southend.  This included 60 children from Thurrock schools enjoying the stories of ex dockers at the Tilbury Cruise Terminal.

Children from Southend tested Krishnaugar’s 6 meter scroll on the Pier and shared stories and drawings with members of the Hindu Society after walking 13,000 steps proudly to their drawing and design workshop. (Then walking back to school!). All good practice for the walks in September.

Great material was gathered for the next phase, the making of the 6m scrolls for each area  – We are really looking forward to the Artists Residencies in June!

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